I launched this website in 2009, initially as a personal blog, before later expanding it to include a professional portfolio. Throughout the years, I have explored different publishing platforms: from WordPress and OpenScholar to hand-written HTML. My journey led me to adopt the static website generator: blogdown, driven by Hugo.

This page lists the tools I use to build the site today. The entire stack is free and open source, and can be found on GitHub. The source code for this site itself is available at


Headings Radio Canada Big
Neo-grotesque sans serif typeface
Body text Castoro + STIX Two Text
Transitional style serif typefaces
Code Ligalex Mono
IBM Plex Mono with programming ligatures
Favicon Fira Sans Extra Condensed
Legible condensed humanist typeface
Color theme Tailwind CSS Typography
Beautiful typographic defaults


Generator blogdown
Static site generator for R, driven by Hugo
Theme hugo-nanx2023
Responsive Hugo theme built on Bootstrap 5
Commenting utterances
Lightweight commenting system using GitHub issues


Editor Visual Studio Code
Code editor from Microsoft
Extension R extension
R language support in VS Code
Theme textmate.rstheme
Light VS Code theme optimized for R and R Markdown