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Descriptor that Calculates Wiener Path Number and Wiener Polarity Number


extractDrugWienerNumbers(molecules, silent = TRUE)



Parsed molucule object.


Logical. Whether the calculating process should be shown or not, default is TRUE.


A data frame, each row represents one of the molecules, each column represents one feature. This function returns two columns named WPATH (weiner path number) and WPOL (weiner polarity number).


This descriptor calculates the Wiener numbers, including the Wiener Path number and the Wiener Polarity Number. Wiener path number: half the sum of all the distance matrix entries; Wiener polarity number: half the sum of all the distance matrix entries with a value of 3.


Wiener, H. (1947). Structural determination of paraffin boiling points. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 69(1), 17-20.


smi = system.file('vignettedata/FDAMDD.smi', package = 'Rcpi')
# \donttest{
mol = readMolFromSmi(smi, type = 'mol')
#> Error in parseSmiles(smi): The package "rcdk" is required to parse SMILES
dat = extractDrugWienerNumbers(mol)
#> Error in evaluateDescriptor(molecules, type = "WienerNumbersDescriptor",     silent = silent): The package "rcdk" is required to compute molecular descriptors
head(dat)# }
#> Error in eval(expr, envir, enclos): object 'dat' not found